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SDLLinuxFedora 10
0002421: Using the native Linux SDL release v0.31.08 The game crashes on exit
When I select the quit option from the main menu--the option to exit the program--the game crashes and outputs **** is dumped, where **** is some set of hexadecimal numbers separated by dashes. Since I am trying to close the program anyway it is not a big problem, but it is somewhat worrisome.
Start the game. Play for a while, or not. Try to quit.
I used an openal .so file from a previous 31.05 release, since 31.08 didn't come with one but demanded it. My init options are changed slightly, but nothing in the graphics area beyond turning off the intro and sound. It would probably amaze some people how many days after installing this version it took to notice.
related to 0002130resolved Footkerchief SOUND:YES consumes excessive CPU (runaway thread?) 
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Can anyone else corroborate this?
2010-06-25 21:23   
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Some more information: I should have thought to do this at the time. I unzipped a new folder of df 31.08. It didn't crash at first, but refused to finally quit the program. Then I changed the settings to turn sound and the intro off and it began to crash. Then I updated libopenal and it works fine now. So it may have been an issue with whatever version of libopenal I had. I feel silly that everything I have reported has been such a non-issue.

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Hmm... there was another problem possibly related to OpenAL, 0002130. Anyway, glad this one's cleared up.
2010-06-30 10:14   
I'll add that .09 no longer requires OpenAL.

It still uses it (sound won't work without it), but DF will run without it.