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0002432Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2010-06-22 14:312012-02-20 15:53
x86Vista Home PremiumSP2
0002432: Worldgen crash while Placing Civilizations: Impoverished Word Selector
When generating a world, it may or may not crash on the "Placing Civilizations"
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duplicate of 0005077resolved Toady One Browsing world gen map causes corrupted feature files 
has duplicate 0002581resolved Footkerchief Crash towards end of world generation (OSX) 
has duplicate 0002574resolved Footkerchief World Gen Crash for the Macs 
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2010-06-22 14:38   
gamelog.txt (in the DF main directory) records the parameter sets and seeds for any worlds you generate. If you get a crash w, you should post those params/seeds here.
2010-06-22 15:14   
Okay, will do, next time it happens
2010-06-22 17:10   
I submitted a report like this a while ago. You don't, eh, happen to be running two different processes off the DF executable (either both generating worlds, or one generating a world and the other playing), do you? Because it resulted in intermittent crashes like that.
2010-06-22 17:44   
Nay, just one at a time.
2010-06-25 17:23   
(edited on: 2010-06-25 17:31)
Just got one a couple minutes ago while placing civs, I saw that it had crashed and then I remembered that there was a bug report relating to a placing civs crash.

Edit: Copied the worldgen params from a world that I already have, the seeds are copied from the gamelog. Occasionally these worldgen params (with random seed of course) gives one that produces random buffer overload spam in the errorlog. It didn't do that when it crashed though. Aside from the removal of aquifers, and removing the pet_exotic tags, the only modding I've done is make the maxage for goblins 2:3

[Seed: 82343252]
[History Seed: 2728867356]
[Name Seed: 4131093656]
[Creature Seed: 1682250448]

2010-06-26 14:06   
Does 0002463 sound like what you were doing before creating the world?
2010-06-26 14:14   
Yea I think so, not sure if I covered the entire map or not when looking around.
2010-07-06 07:42   
I've had crashes at civ placement some times. Reducing amount of civilizations in the worldgen settings seems to resolve it for me. Which is related, really, as I have browsed around the map at least on one or two occasions of this happening (and i can't promise i haven't on all occasions), gone "guh, just dwarves? common, at least gen me some goblins".
2010-07-11 06:22   
(edited on: 2010-07-11 10:44)
I am getting a crash while generating the world as well on Mac OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC.

Below are my gamelog.txt for the session, a copy of the terminal output and the crash log.

http://pastebin.com/bnSM8z5e [^]

2010-07-13 18:09   
Here's another gamelog after the same crash symptoms:

Generating world using parameter set LARGE REGION
 Seed: 397587090
 History Seed: 471257350
 Name Seed: 3387920636
 Creature Seed: 745558024
Generating world using parameter set LARGE REGION
 Seed: 85656461
 History Seed: 776717308
 Name Seed: 4244086174
 Creature Seed: 2770588822

Also the Errorlog, if that helps:

Impoverished Word Selector
path fail: jabberer,191,113,38 -> 167,110,35: Id #17599:Path Goal Seek Station:Station None at 191,121,38
path fail: dwarf,79,115,36 -> 144,80,36: Id #17699:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Depot at 142,82,36
path fail: dwarf,Construct Building,135,77,36 -> 89,99,36: Id #16525:Path Goal Main Job Building:Station Mill Building at 185,80,35
path fail: dwarf,Fell Tree,180,87,35 -> 121,190,38: Id #17424:Path Goal Chop:Station Mill Building at 180,87,35
path fail: dwarf,Construct Building,178,121,36 -> 121,185,38: Id #17257:Path Goal Work at Building:Station Mill Building at 179,121,36
path fail: dwarf,Return Kill,37,40,39 -> 158,104,36: Id #18284:Path Goal Drop Kill at Butcher:Station None at 191,111,38
path fail: dwarf,Return Kill,133,154,36 -> 158,104,36: Id #18284:Path Goal Drop Kill at Butcher:Station None at 191,111,38
path fail: ettin,190,93,37 -> 190,93,34: Id 0000536:Path Goal Attack Building:Station Maraude Target at 152,122,36
path fail: dwarf,51,177,36 -> 142,84,36: Id #18405:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Depot at 142,82,36
path fail: dwarf,49,183,36 -> 142,81,36: Id #18408:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Depot at 142,82,36
path fail: goblin,4,81,38 -> 92,108,36: Id 0001635:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Maraude Target at 93,107,36
loop path fail: <same square> dwarf,Store Item in Bin,159,105,36 -> 165,114,35: Id #17419:Path Goal Seek Item for Storage:Station Mill Building at 179,96,35
loop path fail: <same square> donkey,162,105,36 -> 172,96,35: Id #18374:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Owner at 159,115,36
loop path fail: <same square> donkey,161,103,36 -> 184,88,35: Id #18369:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Owner at 153,110,36
loop path fail: <same square> horse,159,99,36 -> 178,74,35: Id #18611:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Owner at 158,113,36
2011-03-12 19:25   
Still happening as of 31.21. Actually, I hadn't seen this crash since... I don't know, .15 or .16? And suddenly it's happening again.

Here's the worldgen params.


(Incidentally, there's a very nice site on the volcano near the starting cursor.)
2012-02-20 13:16   
See Lightning4's comment 0005077:0020165 which refers to this bug.
2012-02-20 14:48   
Reminder sent to: Lac

Lac, you may be correct that this is a case of 0005077, but can you explain your reasoning briefly?
2012-02-20 15:25   
I was referencing Lightning4's quote. Specifically: "I reproduced 0002432 exactly in 31.08, so [this corrupted features bug] may very well be the cause of that".
He also suggests that this issue is only reproducible in <= 31.08. Which might be another reason to close it. But I've not confirmed this either.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have IMed Lightning4 to leave a note on these cases rather than dabble.
2012-02-20 15:53   
No problem, thanks for bringing this report to my attention. Yeah, we'll chalk it up to the same cause.