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0002439Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-06-22 18:022014-07-13 11:30
0002439: Military dwarves are automatically dismissed and re-drafted each month, leading to a guaranteed bad thought
At the start of every month, I get messages that say "Urist McSoldier has become a <civilian profession>" for every military dwarf, then a similar set of messages that say, "Urist McSoldier has become a <military profession>" for the same set of dwarves.

As a result, military dwarves always have one of the two following bad thoughts: "He has complained about the draft lately." or "He was unhappy about being discharged from duty lately.", depending on their military skills.
Have a military on duty in back-to-back months.
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2010-07-26 09:22   
Also happens when you cancel their Kill or Station order and they go back to schedule. Even if schedule is set to 'Train' or 'Station' they still go back to civilian status for a moment then redraft again.
2010-08-09 11:08   
happens in .10
2011-01-16 10:38   
(edited on: 2011-01-16 10:41)
this get even more fun if you dont undraft them ever... because then it adds something about "complains about long patrol duty" too.
and sometimes even with that complain sometimes get the unhappy about undraft thingie

so no matter what you do they get unhappy.

2011-01-16 11:59   
(edited on: 2011-01-16 17:29)
Dwarves only "complain about the draft" if they become Recruits, and they only get "upset about being relieved from duty" if they become Peasants.

Rhenaya: if you let them train long enough that they become Heroes (elite/master/lord), they'll stop complaining about long patrol duty.

2012-05-19 15:44   
i didnt saw this spam for a while, only the regular ones for training shedules with offtime breaks.
2012-08-24 00:17   
Quietust: it's true that heroes stop complaining about long duty, but I just found out the hard way that a hero who was a peasant before gets very unhappy to have any orders canceled (because he goes back to peasant before reverting to hero on active duty). Can't be assigned work to gain civilian skills, either. Leave him stationed permanently, and he goes hungry and thirsty and complains because of that.

That makes my current elite axelord squad kind of useless... I'll have to train up future inductees in some civilian skill before drafting them, I guess.