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0002457: impossible to take drinks, seeds, plants, or fish during embark preparation on custom world gen map
If you generate a map using "Design New World with Parameters" and "Start Playing" dwarf fortress on the custom generated map then once you begin "Prepar(ing) for the journey carefully" it is impossible to take any drinks, seeds, or plants with you (and sometimes fish are unavailable as well). They are missing from the menu. Here are some screenshots.

- Embark "select new items" screen on custom generated map (aka "Design New World with Parameters"): http://i49.tinypic.com/28r1mqx.jpg [^]
- Embark "select new items" screen on default generated map (aka "Create New World Now!"): http://i46.tinypic.com/2vwv4zm.png [^]
1. Generate any custom map using "Design New World with Parameters" (Don't use any of the defaults like "Pocket Island" or "Small Region" or etc. They work for some reason. You have to create your own custom parameters.)
2. Start a game of dwarf fortress on the custom generated map
3. Pick any embark location on the map
4. Select "Prepare for the journey carefully"
5. Attempt to take any drinks, seeds, plants or fish with your dwarfs. It's impossible.
It's possible that more than drinks, seeds, plants, and fish are unavailable during the embark preparation but I simply haven't noticed yet. Please look into it, I'd love to play on one of my custom maps but it's very difficult when I can't take any drinks or seeds with me on embark. Also, here is the custom world gen parameters I used:

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duplicate of 0001127new  Worldgen without caverns does not allow embark with seeds/alcohol 
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See 0001127.