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0002465: You can build farms on brooks if you muddy them
Minor issue of course. I know dwarves are supposed to be able to walk on brooks and stuff, but if you pump out water on top of a brook, it will leave mud sometimes. And you can build farms on that mud. Can't grow anything on them, but still it's a bit odd and most likely not intended.
build a pump next to a brook and pump water "on top" of it.
build a farm on the brook.
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related to 0000013resolved Toady One Farm plots built underground (Inside/Dark/Subterranean) on natural soil will not allow planting 
has duplicate 0002752resolved Logical2u Mud on brook tiles 
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The real issue is that the brook tiles become converted into mud tiles by water flowing on top of them, which is what I was coming to report... Obviously, once you have a mud tile, you can build a farm on it.

But it's worse than that, because it means water doesn't really 'run off' back into a brook -- it just creates more mud tiles, spreads over those, then creates more mud tiles. To get the water back in the brook, you have to channel out somewhere for it to get back in.