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0002481Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipmentpublic2010-06-26 22:532014-08-13 05:10
Toady One 
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0002481: Dwarves will claim new clothes when theirs is worn (xClothesx) but not wear it
Dwarves that claim clothes because their clothes are xClothesx won't drop theirs and grab the new ones, but claim both of them, keeping the new clothes from being hauled or dumped or moved anyway. May be put into cabinet if they have a room, have not tried.
Get a fort to the point where dwarves have worn clothing, make some new clothes. Watch as they claim it and your clothier shop clutters up.
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related to 0001396resolved Toady One Children claim clothes they cannot/will not wear or store in rooms 
related to 0003942resolved Toady One Dwarves owning broken clothing. Clothes don't rot, ANNIHILATES FPS. 
related to 0007680confirmed Footkerchief Dwarves continually accumulate larger and larger numbers of tattered owned clothing items 
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2010-06-26 23:55   
Isn't this an old issue dating back to before 40D?
2010-06-27 00:20   
I think the old issue was they used to leave thier old clothes all across the fortress. This was untill Toady locked off the dwarves changing clothes to prevent the clutter.
2010-06-27 19:45   
See 0001396. Are they being claimed by children?
2010-06-30 13:10   
Reminder sent to: clc02

Are the clothes being claimed by children?
2010-07-07 18:37   
I've experienced this bug with a lot of nonchildren nonmilitary dwarfs. It's visible in
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2638 [^] .

You'll want to check out the medical dwarfs in the hospital (same z-level as the starting cursor, southwest, in the silty clay). They have bedrooms (the row along the south wall) with cabinets full of new clothes, but they aren't wearing any of them. (The Chief Medical Dwarf in particular is definitely showing this bug).

(They're *currently* assigned to a burrows that only includes the hospital, but they've spent a lot of time burrowless and jobless. They put new clothes into cabinets in their bedrooms, rather than wearing the new clothes and storing the worn-out clothes.)
2010-07-08 13:49   
no they were not claimes by children, sorry for delay
2010-07-08 19:06   
Isn't this ubiquitous? I have played several fortresses since I first started playing in .03, and I have never, ever seen a dwarf actually wear any new clothing. They claim them, and, aside from children, put them away (they *particularly* seem to love bloody goblin clothes, sigh), but never wear them. Ten years in, the first seven are starting to run around naked right now. At least the female miners are in shape, though I imagine nude sightings don't yet produce happy thoughts in the males. Hmm... something for the suggestions box.

But more seriously, no, I have *never* seen dwarves actually use any clothes other than the ones they start with (I never assign specific equipment or clothes for military dwarves). Does anyone? If it matters, I play with rent and economy off.
2010-08-10 18:47   
(edited on: 2010-08-10 19:20)
All of my dwarves also only store their owned items and never wear them, except children who will claim them but not store them. I have a lot of cabinets full of claimed clothes and a lot of naked dwarves.

I also play with zero rent on and economy off.

2010-09-11 19:10   
I am also having an issue with people never actually putting on clothes; they store them instead. Everyone is currently naked aside from my soldiers, who are wearing armour.

This apparently isn't an issue with disabling rent and economy, since I have those enabled, although thus far I've not had the economy activate.
2010-09-12 14:13   
I would agree that this is ubiquitous. All my dwarfs run around naked now.

Perhaps the only reason this isn't a more serious bug is that it takes years to develop, and at that point, a more serious bug has probably cropped up! (military, health care, etc)
2010-09-21 12:09   
Just lost 3 dwarves to this bug. Stepped in some poisonous blood with no shoes and bled out before they could even make it to the hospital. So, apparently just confirming this bug is still present in .13
2010-09-22 14:37   
can confirm this too as i got loads of dwarves currently running naked in my fort, and getting dizzy walking in nearly frozen water ... :-)
2010-10-24 17:04   
just thought I would add that I am seeing this bug also in .16
My starting 7 are not naked yet... but they are close... and the idea of my leader/nobles holding meeting with diplomats naked... just to say looking forward to this one getting fixed
2011-02-17 03:46   
So, many versions ago Toady intentionally turned off the ability of dwarves to change clothes as a temporary workaround to the problem of dwarves leaving their old clothes all over a fortress as clutter.

But would this still be an issue if this ability was re-enabled in 31.18/19? From what I understand, if the clothes of dead dwarves are not inherited by family (no relatives), they get automatically hauled to stockpiles. Why wouldn't this work for discarded clothes of living dwarves if the ownership gets correctly removed?
2011-02-17 07:06   
Still problem in .18
2011-02-26 05:01   
related to 0003942?
2011-04-07 10:37   
still exists in .25
2011-05-06 10:43   
(edited on: 2011-05-06 10:47)
As a temporary workaround I have all my civilians drafted to inactive squads and assigned them a clothing-uniform, wich gives them some protection against toxic spatters. Although 0001451 interferes with that, wich means my woodcuters and miners are still naked.

2011-08-24 18:06   
This bug is a year old and really bothers me and my enjoyment of the game, looking forward to trying above workaround.

Have Toady not commented this at all?

king doom   
2011-09-18 10:06   
Toady is too busy modelling realistic male pattern baldness on werewolves to fix bugs that have been in the game for several years now.
2011-10-04 03:15   
(edited on: 2011-10-04 03:17)
Sad but true. Try editing raws to make clothes to be non-wearable (so it will newer become x-cloth-x).

2012-02-25 11:19   
This bug continues to cause problems in 34.02...
2012-02-25 11:43   
I have not tested, but someone posted in the forums that if you strip the dwarves of their starting clothing, and toss those items into teh magma, they started using manufactured, purchased and otherwise acquired clothing properly. I have not tested this myself, as none of my fortresses have lasted long enough.
2012-02-25 12:36   
It would be helpful to get 0.34.02 saves demonstrating this problem. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2012-03-12 01:49   
Why has this bug not even been acknowledged yet?
2012-03-12 07:25   
Reminder sent to: Andreuswolf

If you want this bug fixed, upload a save and post the link here. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]