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0002500: Blood spatter on internal body parts; dwarves unsuccessfully try to clean it off
While attacking a fishery worker I noticed said fishery worker had some blood on her rib and one lung (but not the other) and a kidney, now farther investigating this I booted up arena mode and had the same thing happen So I controlled my opponant and was able to drink the blood spatter on my spleen.
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2011-05-01 16:18   
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One of my siege operators got shot by a goblin, and once the doctors were done with her she still had a spatter of blood on her guts - now she goes and tries to clean it off every once in a while, using up my soap in the process.

[edit] this is with version 0.31.25

2011-05-15 21:41   
I can confirm this problem still exists in 31.25, as I have a mason continuously trying to clean a true rib and a furnace operator with a spatter that is shown as being on his ankle, but which he can't clean so is presumably internal.
2011-07-07 08:17   
Fortunately, this problem has a sort of a workaround - save the game, edit the raws to make blood* boil at room temperature, load the game and unpause long enough for the blood to boil away, then save the game and change the raws back.

* - ideally only dwarf blood, otherwise Fun would result when your soldiers are suddenly engulfed in boiling clouds of forgotten beast "deadly blood".
2011-07-07 09:04   
Doesn't that kill all the dwarfs, Q?
2011-07-07 09:52   
No, it doesn't - all it does it cause dwarves to refuse to eat food (with the apparent reason being that it's too hot) until you change the blood properties back to normal.

2011-07-08 18:49   
Wouldn't the food be too cold? Because the boiling takes away heat, right?
2011-07-08 19:09   
I was only suggesting a workaround which just happens to work, and why it works is completely irrelevant to this bug report.
Toady One   
2014-09-13 13:53   
The cleaning part should be fixed now, but I'm not sure why there's internal spatter yet, at least for parts that haven't popped out.
2014-09-14 17:50   
Reminder sent to: Toady One

Surgery might be a cause of internal spatter?
2014-09-14 18:50   
(edited on: 2014-09-14 19:13)
Internal injuries are probably another source. I've noticed this with wrestling moves, so I checked in arena.

Steps I took:

1. I spawned a troll and a BC, took control of the BC.

2. locked and broke the trolls right shoulder, observed the blood spatter on the right shoulder.

3. Waited a bit for the troll to stop bleeding and recover a bit.

4. Locked and broke the left hip, also observed blood spatter.

5. Went back to arena mode and spawned some water above the troll, went back to the BC.

6. Pressed . a couple times to let the water wash off the troll.

7. Examine the troll and the blood spatters are still there, so they're probably internal.

Edit: I took control of the troll and it shows the skin as not being broken, so I assume that it's internal spatter.

Edit2: In following the internal injury angle, I went to the northern (and deepest) part of the arena, spawned dwarves at each z level above the floor until the top of the sky for the arena, let them fall, then spawned water over them to see if they have blood spatter from injuries. In the first test I did, after I spawned water and washed any blood off, dwarf 8 has blood spatter on right true ribs and right lung, dwarf 10 has blood spatter on left shoulder, and dwarf 12 has blood spatter on the left wrist.

Given the (somewhat) random nature of the injuries, you might have to do more than one test to get ones that have internal blood spatter.

2015-11-30 20:32   
(edited on: 2015-11-30 20:36)
http://imgur.com/a/06MF0 [^]

I've uploaded some screenshots that show this bug in action.

Context: I took control of a bronze colossus in an arena fight with a giant. I punched the giant in the upper body and shattered his middle spine's bone. Look at his description and you will see that his middle spine is "running with giant blood"; look at his inventory and you will see the resulting blood spatter on his middle spine.

Edit: Note also that the giant sustained no piercing injuries; that is, his skin, fat and muscle are everywhere intact.