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0002520Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Soundpublic2010-06-30 01:422010-07-13 14:50
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0002520: While running DF and the music player foobar2000 in the background, the music stutters/hangs randomly for a moment
Happens ca. every five minutes. It didn't use to do that - not even the earlier 0.31 versions.
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related to 0002130resolved Footkerchief SOUND:YES consumes excessive CPU (runaway thread?) 
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2010-06-30 04:10   
Alright, this is more a bug about your music player, not DF.

I will, however, attempt to break down possible plans of action for you...

1. DF is a memory/processor hog, and some operations to improve the quality of music are pretty memory/processor intensive. It's possible that for whatever reason the two are competing for resources.
2. DF makes a whole bunch of files, which could increase the fragmentation on your hard drive, which could increase skipping on your music player. You can defrag then.
3. Your audio drivers have gone wonky. Mine did about two months ago - resulting in incredibly annoying audio glitches. Uninstalling the audio driver and letting Windows install a replacement has improved the quality significantly.
2010-07-02 14:43   
I never had problems before 31.08, so I thought it might be worth mentioning. It might by symptomatic for another issue, who knows.

2. is very unlikely, the music is on another disk.

3. Always a good idea, but it's only since .08 and only when DF is running, so who is the likely culprit then?
2010-07-02 15:33   
Are you using 31.08 Legacy or 31.08 SDL?
2010-07-10 06:05   
Hi Silverionmox,

I'd like to be able to pinpoint your problem, but it's been over a week since your last note on the topic. You can reopen this if you a response to at least Footkerchief's note. With the new release around the corner, hopefully your issue is fixed then.
2010-07-10 16:52   
It's the SDL, small windows version.
2010-07-10 17:23   
So what happens when you try it on the legacy version?
2010-07-12 17:29   
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Reminder sent to: Silverionmox

Hey Silverionmox, this is a reminder to hopefully provide us with more information on bug 0002520.

Edit: Specifically, what happens if you switch to to Legacy, and does the problem persist in 31.10?

2010-07-13 13:42   
(edited on: 2010-07-13 13:45)
Sorry, missed your note on the legacy version.

Problem doesn't pose itself in 31.10, though. Good enough for me, probably something that was broken and fixed by 09 and 10.

2010-07-13 14:50   
Alright, glad to hear that it's fixed. I was pretty suspicious that it was a very specific problem, and it seems to have been.