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0002573Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2010-07-05 18:192014-01-27 20:10
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x86_64Ubuntu Linux9.10
0002573: Crash when exiting arena mode
DF crashed with a double-free when exiting arena mode (after selecting "abort game").

I've only seen this once. Wasn't doing anything too unusual in arena mode: creating marksdwarves and letting them fight, some use of macros (including encountering 0002571).

glibc reports:

oliver@flux:~/df_31_08/df_linux$ ./df
Loading bindings from data/init/interface.txt
Resetting textures
*** glibc detected *** ./libs/Dwarf_Fortress: double free or corruption (out): 0xf30172c0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========
08048000-08b0c000 r-xp 00000000 08:06 2229891 /home/oliver/df_31_08/df_linux/libs/Dwarf_Fortress
08b0c000-08b0d000 r--p 00ac3000 08:06 2229891 /home/oliver/df_31_08/df_linux/libs/Dwarf_Fortress
08b0d000-08b0e000 rw-p 00ac4000 08:06 2229891 /home/oliver/df_31_08/df_linux/libs/Dwarf_Fortress
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2010-07-05 18:20   
Also worth noting (since it seems to be a trigger for other arena-related crashes) that I had *not* played fortress mode in that game before the crash happened.
2014-01-27 20:10   
Unless it's still happening in newer versions, no way to know if this was fixed or not.