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0002652Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2010-07-12 05:012014-01-17 10:43
Toady One 
0002652: Sterling silver has no bending values
Every other inorganic material has the three bending values, but sterling silver does not.
Look in inorganic_metal.txt.
Original values:
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2010-07-12 05:09   
Bending is not used, so this doesn't really matter. Also, since sterling silver uses the metal material template, it does inherit its bending values. This may therefore have been on purpose, and not a bug. However, since the default metal values are different from the old sterling silver values, and every other metal has them specified, I think it was an accidental omission.
2010-07-12 05:20   
Bending is not used, so this doesn't really matter.

According to Toady, it gets used during wrestling.
2010-07-12 06:25   
material_template_default.txt says "Not used." so I guess that needs to be updated.
2010-07-12 07:39   
Maybe that one's an exception, I'm not sure.
2010-07-14 06:45   
material_template_default.txt says:

Not used.
A unitless measure for how sharp the edge is for combat purposes.

"Not used" may apply only to BENDING_YIELD I think.
Toady One   
2010-10-02 04:31   
This should be sorted out for 0.31.15.