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0002709Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-07-15 10:122014-07-27 10:36
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MacMacOS X10.4.11
0002709: cancels Place in Traction: Patient not resting.
This is in a fort recently started in 0.31.10 on MacOS X 10.4.11. This is modded with speed:0 no_eat no_drink no_sleep.
My woodcutter was injured in combat and her left hand needs traction. The chief medical dwarf repeatedly picks up a "Place in Traction" job, walks to the patient, picks the patient up and carries her to the traction bench, then cancels the job because the patient isn't resting, drops the patient and leaves. The patient becomes "No Job" when she is picked up, but after she is dropped, she reacquires a "Rest" job and goes back to bed.
Here is a save saved while the doctor has a "Place in Traction" job and hasn't picked the patient up yet: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2699 [^]
Moving the traction bench to be next to the bed where the patient is resting does allow the patient to be placed in traction without interrupting her "Rest" job and making the doctor cancel, so this can be worked around.
Note that this is not bug 0001244 (and was never played in a version where it was present, etc); the doctor does manage to pick up and move the patient rather than standing there and starving, the problem is that she just drops her when she gets to the traction bench. This seems more like bug 0002388, which was recently closed as a duplicate of 0001244. I can't comment on either because they're both closed.
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Same problem, no traction.
2010-07-27 19:01   
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I seem to be getting this problem too, the Doc took the patient to the traction bench and spouted the same error message but the patient kept resting on the bench and didn't got back to a bed by herself.

Periodically the Doc would go back to her and cancel again with the same message. I deconstructed the bench and she moved to a bed, so I built the traction bench next to her but now the Doc isnt generating any jobs to try and fix her.

Im still playing the same game so Ill report back any progress.

Update: After I reloaded, around the time it took me to make some soap the patient is all fixed up.

2010-10-16 12:33   
Still seems to be present in 0.31.16. Have a patient with a broken leg who, upon the doctor attempting to drag them over to the traction bench (which wan't adjacent to the bed they were in, for the record), suddenly got up and went back to work. Her leg is still broken and this does not seem to be slowing her down at all!

I am wondering what would have happened had the traction bench been adjacent to the bed (similar to reported surgery problems).