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0002714Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2010-07-15 20:432014-01-22 11:42
0002714: gender tag in custom noble position does not work
while on other posistions (like militia commander) the gender tag works properly and only lists the creatures with proper gender. but on the recommendation screen for the nobles i get everyone listed even if the gender should not allow it.
add [GENDER:MALE] tag to baron and higher positions and wait for barony request.
gender, modding, noble
related to 0003339resolved Toady One Queen of the elves is a man. 
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You generated a new world after adding [GENDER:MALE], right?
2010-07-16 14:36   
yes i use that tag in my drow mod since i started it, and until now i did not notice it works for the other positions and ignored that this list consists of all. but now i used the gender tag in other positions and the replace list is shorter for the proper genders. so i guessed its a bug you can recommend the wrong genders for the landholder nobles.
2010-07-26 22:44   
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I have the same issue. I've made a custom human priestess noble, added [GENDER:FEMALE] (as well as [SITE], among other things) and afterwards generated the world - when I started a fortress, my priestess was male. Since I can manually replace the position, it's not that big an issue, but still needs fixing.