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0002798: Crash when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode
When I launched the game in fullscreen mode and switched to windowed mode, the game crashed. It does not appear to do this if you start in windowed mode and switch to fullscreen and back.
Launch game in fullscreen mode, and press F11 (or whatever the key has been changed to)
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has duplicate 0002812resolved Footkerchief Crash when switching between fullscreen and windowed with F11 
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2010-07-23 18:13   
Switching from Fullscreen to windowed works fine for me.
Maybe you could try changing your PRINT_MODE in the init and see if that changes something?

My System:
Windows 7 x86
Nvidia 8600M GT with driver version 257.21
2010-07-23 18:27   
(edited on: 2010-07-23 18:29)
After checking around with various graphics modes, STANDARD seems to work and not produce this bug. Though if I start in fullscreen and go to windowed mode, it doesn't respect the init file resolutions.

Specifically the settings you used caused immediate crash to desktop for me. Though that may be a hardware issue, since I'm using a netbook with integrated graphics, sooo....

2010-07-23 21:17   
(edited on: 2010-07-23 21:39)
Same here in Linux.

According to the log, it tried to create a window with the dimensions: 907735836x-1959006823

It crashed in a function named 'renderer_2d_base::reshape(std::pair<int, int>)'

That's with PRINT_MODE:2D, and starting in fullscreen. It seems to work properly if it starts windowed and then you switch modes. PRINT_MODE:STANDARD works properly, but my screen resolution doesn't match my tileset, so it looks fugly. 2D mode has sexy looking Lanczos filter, which make the crashes worth putting up with.

2010-07-23 21:19   
(edited on: 2010-07-23 21:21)
I experience this with the SDL version. I have ONLY changed a couple of INIT settings--- WINDOWED:PROMPT, FULLSCREENX:800, FULLSCREENY:600, BLACKSPACE:NO. I didn't change any other defaults (ie, PRINT_MODE is still default setting). I have changed a few setting in D_INIT. It's the same settings I've used with version 31 since version 31.01. Only this version has this issue.

It transitions from full screen to windowed mode correctly. Then the window RESIZES ITSELF to max screensize, it tries to fill up the new screenspace, and it then crashes.

Not very friendly of DF 31.11. I can't transition in 31.11 from fullscreen to windowed to do things like report bugs, update the wiki, etc etc etc.

Running it on:
Vista Home Premium, SP 2
NVidia 8600M GT with driver version

2010-07-24 14:39   
switching to standard print-mode fixed this for me.
2010-07-24 17:37   
(edited on: 2010-07-24 17:38)
Swapping print mode from the default 2D setting in Init file to standard also works for me. However, when the game first swaps to windowed mode, the window is EXTREMELY large and the text itelf is very, very big/magnified. After about 90 seconds, the text resets to normal.

I do have to resize the extremely large window to something smaller than my screen however.