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0002804Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2010-07-24 06:492010-09-06 08:20
Toady One 
0002804: Save file that crashes in 15s-20s every time
Major crash in the most recent version- reliable reproduction, hope this helps you figure out what's going on :)
Load game, un-pause. Wait about 20s.
I would post the errorlog, but I can't seem to find one.
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2010-07-24 06:49   
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http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2797 [^]

Sorry, managed to forget to add this link.

2010-07-24 08:38   
Anothere save from 0002802: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2796 [^]
2010-07-24 10:46   
(edited on: 2010-07-24 11:11)
-Tried the first save, and yeah it crashed.
-Deleting all military prevents the crash.
-Doing anything to stop their currect training session (like changing their equipment so they run to stockpile) prevents the crash.
-The crash happens before change to next month so seems not schedule related.
-The crash happens shortly after 2 training dwarves run away from training (one to eat, the other to pickup something) and the militia commander is left alone making armor demostration to himself. Might be related.

2010-07-24 11:41   
(edited on: 2010-07-24 13:26)
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2798 [^]

Another save. Crashes in about three minutes of unpausing.

Recent events that could be a root cause:
-been digging in the Addy. Fairly close to Hell when the crashing started.
-the first crashes began during a meeting with the dwarven liaison.
-otherwise, fairly standard fortress affairs taking place, such as masonry constructions, normal workshop jobs, etc.
-in one crash, a fey mood began before the crash. The dwarf was already collecting materials before the crash, so I'm not sure it's a factor.

EDIT: I can confirm Rafal's note, stopping my squads from giving demonstrations seems to prevent the crash. I didn't have to disband the squads, though.

2010-07-24 14:27   
This sort of contradicts what was said above, but I'll offer it anyway since I don't have a save to compare against, and both this and my story seem to be military related:

I was starting a new fortress (under 25 total dwarfs), had 3 guys in the one squad. I assigned a training sword to one and a training axe to one of the others, removing indiv. choice (melee) from both them (the third guy was left unchanged.) The squad was on Active/Training alert. After unpausing, the game crashed almost instantly. Could be coincidence, but they were sparring unarmed for several weeks up to the crash point, so I'd be suspicious of changing equipment in the middle of sparring.
2010-07-24 15:14   
Just wanted to offer some more anecdotal evidence for the crashes being training related, as I've had fortresses run fine in .11 for a few years, then they start crashing as soon as I set up military training.
2010-07-24 15:34   
I can also attest to this problem. I have a save that crashes immediately upon unpausing. Setting the military to inactive avoids it, but trying to disband the military also causes a crash. The military has trained in the past without problems. I will try to upload the save (the uploading site has a tendency to crash my computer).
2010-07-24 17:36   
If the uploading site crashes your computer, then you have a bigger problem than just DF not working.
Toady One   
2010-07-24 17:41   
I think I've figured this one out, though I want to run some of the other saves to make sure they aren't crashing for different reasons. For me, it died when they tried to organize a demonstration, right when the demonstration was to start, because of an improper index that would arise in some student/teacher configurations.