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0002829Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2010-07-25 10:562011-03-12 10:49
WindowsVista ultimate 64
0002829: Crash
Since version .11 the game crash often but i couldn't get you a reliable bugged save within few minutes, as if making a save closer to the crash moment postpone the crash. Anyway, i just ported my last save from version .11 to version .12 and the game crash after few minutes, even if you just let it run and do nothing.

Also i use the phoebus graphic set if it have any importance to you.

I uploaded the save here

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2815 [^]
Just let it run, it crash after few minutes
Save Included
duplicate of 0002299resolved Toady One Unhandled Win 32 Exception crash in Fortress mode, also crashes on attempts to reclaim.  
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2010-07-25 11:36   
Does the crash appear to be training-related? I.e., does it still crash if you stop them from training?
2010-07-25 12:45   
I set all the barracks free and put all the quads to civilian alert and got a crash. Next, just to be sure, i put the alert to civilian and didn't touch the barracks (they went to individual drill) and the game crashed also.
2010-08-22 06:28   
FYI for other testers (parentheses are my actions):

This is a massive fort with 180 dwarfs, over 350 free-roaming animals, tons of undisposed of goblin parts...

Starts Mid-Spring 24 Slate, crashes on or after 27 Slate;
Fort generated in 0.31.06;
Has an appointed Arsenal Dwarf (removed);
Does not have double mayors;
All soap is forbidden;
Not all daggers are forbidden (forbid);
No jobs in Manager;
Generates no errorlog.txt messages;
Has several squads (disband);
Has four burrows (delete);
Getting some "cancels Store Owned Item: Item inaccessible" in gamelog.txt.
2011-03-12 10:49   
Loaded this again and noticed the raws have been overwritten with standard raws after the region was generated. Trying to look at a cow skeleton results in the crash.

See Toady's notes 0001271:0008465 0002299:0008466.