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0000287Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-03 11:402022-09-23 01:54
0000287: Medical Dwarfs prefer supplies from non-hospital stockpiles
I've noticed that when a suturer goes to stitch up a patient, he/she gets thread from a cloth stockpile instead of the hospital bags/boxes. They should definitely use the hospital supplies, no?
1. Make hospital zone with beds, bags & boxes, and stock with thread.
2. Maim a dwarf.
3. Have a Diagnoser and a Suturer ready to go.
cloth, healthcare, hospital, suturer, thread
child of 0000771new  Cloth/Thread partially used by medical dwarfs can't be dyed/woven & they prefer new supplies over used ones 
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Steely Glint   
2010-04-04 23:04   
I don't think this is limited to thread. I think I saw a doctor get other things like splints for immobilization and cloth for wound dressings from outside the hospital as well.
2010-04-07 14:05   
confirmed for cloth as well
2010-04-11 18:43   
Confirmed for splints too. There's no point supplying a hospital with items right now since the doctors will select items from stockpiles instead.
2010-06-26 08:47   
(edited on: 2010-06-26 08:53)
I can confirm this on 0.31.08. Despite having plenty of thread in the hospital chests, the doctor goes three floors up to the dyer's workshop to take newly dyed thread, then returns to the patient to suture. After suturing, the doctor takes the remaining thread back up to the clothier's workshop stockpile to store it there, instead of inside the hospital.

Is it possible the doctor uses the most valuable thread available (thus preferring dyed thread over the undyed thread that's been sitting in the hospital?) It would explain the stories of doctors using adamantine thread to suture wounds (0001346).

2010-08-31 06:57   
This has become highly annoying, because every time my suturer goes to work, he grabs a different piece of thread from my cloth stockpiles and uses a tiny bit of it. I now have at least a dozen units of thread in my cloth stockpile that my dyers will not touch because they've been partially used up, possibly related to 0000771.
2012-03-24 06:52   
(edited on: 2012-03-24 07:59)
I have never seen a doctor go to a stockpile for thread/cloth to use. In my experience, they are very good about taking supplies from hospital supply containers.

(There is a problem with hospitals and thread/cloth, but as far as I can tell, this issue as stated is not it, and I can't tell whether this issue is a misinterpretation of what's happening or a separate issue that's been resolved. See my note 0000771:0021692 for a full discussion.) [Edited to correct note syntax.]

2022-09-23 01:52   
I believe this is still the case in 0.47.05. I'm now routinely seeing medical dwarves with Dress Wounds or Suture jobs going to fetch thread/cloth from elsewhere far away. This is pretty bad as it creates delay in (potentially urgent) medical care.

Initially, I thought maybe this is a manifestation of the bug where some job queued for anything in a container makes the entire container inaccessible for some time. But now I think it's unlikely to be the case. I've two chests in hospital, both have cloth available, I've checked. They are stocked and seem to be rarely accessed. Also, I am not even sure the hospital containers work the same as the normal ones (it rather appears that items are kind of "stacked" on the ground as opposed to "inside" the container).

And it's not rare occurence, with latest 2-3 patients they seem to be 100% ignoring the supplies in hospital chests.

Possibly related to https://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=7690 [^] ?