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0002876Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2010-07-28 12:282010-07-28 13:00
0002876: Human civilization diplomat is demonic antelope humanoid
So, the human diplomat arrived. He's a Demonic antelope humanoid...

Rakust, law-giver
A towering skinless antelope twisted into humanoid form. It has a bloated body. Beware its poisonous vapors!

He is muscular.

And he's breaking my doors instead of opening them.

kaolinite Door destroyed by Rakust, law-giver
anhydrite Door destroyed by Rakust, law-giver
Get random diplomat, who happens to be demonic???
I also have two other Diplomats, a Human Suturer and an Elf Herbalist, sitting around doing nothing, and not attached to a civilization. I suspect one of them is for the caravan, don't know what the other one wants.

Also since my military is shoddy, I don't feel like attempting murder at this point.
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duplicate of 0000596resolved Toady One Humans' Diplomat is a demon, destroys all constructions it passes by, never initiates meeting 
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