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0002890: Game Slows, Non-CPU Issue
When traveling to a particular LOCATION, or tile, movement slows to a crawl. This issue is only reserved for that particular location and upon moving to a different tile/city/forest, etc the game resumes its normal speed.

As mentioned, this is not a CPU issue as it only occurs once I enter that one zone, all other places are uneffected at this time.
Unsure, first time encountering. The issue occured when I entered and exited a particular zone over multiple occasions (possibly more than 12). When the slow down process began, everytime I would reenter the zone it would get a bit more slow.
The problem occured for one zone in which I had to defeat a Bronze Colosus. Couldn't defeat him the first try and so had to repeatively get new followers and try again. Over a long period of time that particular zone began to slow more and more and more to the point now where it takes close to a minute to move one square/space within that zone.
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duplicate of 0002529resolved Toady One Repeatedly visiting town/site causes animals to accumulate 
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Does 0002529 explain what you're seeing? In your case, the animals are probably accumulating underground.

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It could be, the fact he/she mentioned that the computer would "jam for longer and longer periods of time" is definitely reminiscent of the problem I'm facing.

The place I'm at is also a cave entrace so they absolutely could be spawning underground.

2010-07-29 14:26   
Yep, cave entrances are tracked as sites, so they'd accumulate creatures just like a town or dwarf pit or whatever.

I'll go ahead and mark this one as a duplicate, but feel free to reopen it if you find reason to believe that it's different from 0002529.