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0002927Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-08-02 00:332010-08-02 05:33
0002927: Doctors applying a cast to a dwarf with broken bones get stuck at the water source with bucket
Doctors who try to apply a cast to an injured dwarf can get stuck at the water source when getting water for the cast, never being able to fill the bucket.

They stay with a bucket and try to take water for a cast untill getting de

Break bones to some dwarves (red color limbs, more=better), stock plaster powder, buckets threads and cloth in hospital. Chances are that doctor will get stuck in loop:

trying to apply cast: filling bucket at water source => dehydrated => drink => apply thread, cloth, plaster powder to broken limb => filling bucket with water => dehydrated .....
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duplicate of 0002627resolved Toady One Dwarves cannot collect water for "Apply cast" job 
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