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0002931: New (additional) liaison every year
In my latest fortress (world generated with 0.31.12, no mods), I decided to stay underground and not let anybody in. Each year, a dwarven caravan and a liaison would arrive. The traders would leave after a while, but the liaison would hang around. The next year, a new liaison would arrive... so, after six years I have six liaisons hanging around outside, all alive and healthy. I guess this will continue indefinitely, one more every year.

I strongly suspect this has to do with the fix for 0001102 (liaison replacements)

I tried to fix it by setting my expedition leader position to vacant, but this only caused the latest arrival to leavy unhappy, the others don't care.

I have a save if it's required, but it should be easy enough to reproduce.
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Possibly related to 0002892 as well
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Reminder sent to: TomiTapio

TomiTapio -- as I already told you (at 0001865:0010472), it's not useful to tag reports with terms that are already present in the report (such as the "liaison" tag you attached here), and it makes it harder for the managers to keep up with updates. Unless there's a purpose I'm missing?
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This appears fixed. The outpost liaison is properly displayed on the civ screen and the same one returns on consecutive visits.