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Intel x86Windows XPSP3
0002942: Skeleton kills don't register as kills
When dwarves kill skeletal enemies, they don't get a kill for them. I noticed this when I looked at the stats for a woodcutter who had killed about two dozen skeletal enemies and nothing else over the course of the game and she had no kills. Other skill gain was unaffected. This is probably because the game never registers a 'kill' per se - in the combat logs, a skeletal creature never outright dies. It's possible that the trigger event for the collapse of a skeletal creature doesn't get registered as a 'death' by the parts of the game responsible for assigning kills and generating reports.
Embark somewhere with skeletons. Pit dwarves against them. Observe kill counts.
As a corollary to this, skeletal creatures are listed as normal creatures in combat logs - skeletal groundhogs are listed as 'groundhogs,' skeletal wolves are listed as 'wolves,' etc.
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duplicate of 0002357closed Toady One No kill credit for undead "collapsed" kills 
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See 0002357.