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0002945: Animal trainer selects animal behind pet-impassable door, waits forever for animal to arrive at kennel
I have an animal trainer who has been sitting in the kennels with the job "train hunting animal" for a while, but he gets no exp, and nothing comes out of it. I have even had regular dogs run through the kennels, but the guy just sat there. He has all the hunting labors (except hunting itself) enabled, and he has no previous skill training animals.
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2010-08-04 04:11   
You should upload a save demonstrating this problem. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-08-04 05:34   
When the animal trainer reaches the kennel, he'll call a random trainable animal which must then walk to the kennel on its own - it's possible he called an animal that was really far away and you simply didn't wait long enough for it to get there.

2010-08-04 08:10   
I have observed the same as Quietust. Another thing I noticed regarding training animals. In 40d a job would be queued to release the animal from the cage if you wanted to train an animal. I have found in .31 this job isn't created. Embark with a cage and a dog. Put the dog in a cage. Build a kennel and have a job queued to train a (war or hunting, doesn't matter) animal. Job will be canceled due to "no creature."
2010-08-04 08:18   
Same for chaining them up now, but i think thats a good thing, now you can chain all females and only the male ones get training, so you wont get clutted with puppys at the front lines.
2010-08-04 09:46   
That may explain it- the dogs were behind pet impassable doors. Thanks.
2010-08-08 21:37   
I didn't think pet impassable was possible, at least in 40d. Every time I've tried they eventually slip through with a dwarf. How did you manage it?