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0002955Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- History Exportpublic2010-08-05 10:082010-12-18 23:13
0002955: Historical figures are listed in the xml without special characters, but in world history.txt file with special characters
In my XML file there is a histfig named:

dobar glazedscalded

world history file has a figure named:

Do^bar Glazedscalded

The "^" is over the "o" though.

Gen a small world for 100 years.

Export the xml from legends.

Export world gen/param from legends (to get world history txt file)

Find a name in world history file with a special character.

look for that person but replace the special character with something similar, and you'll see it's listed wrong in the xml.
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When I submitted this I didn't list a version, but it's currently happening in .31.18 as well.