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0002962Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2010-08-06 10:152011-03-09 04:50
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0002962: Bins? Barrels? Who needs 'em?!
The dwarves have 50+ bins and barrels in my stockpiles and hundreds of blocks and food looking for a home. For some reason, the dwarves aren't immediately putting stuff into bins. It took them half a year to put all the food into barrels, despite there being enough dwarves to do it in less than a few days. They all have their hauling jobs activated, and they've still yet to put away the 1000+ blocks I have sitting around in my fortress.
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related to 0004054resolved Toady One Food stockpiles refuse to use barrels. 
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2010-08-06 12:19   
You need to be more specific. How many dwarfs do you have? Are all the other labors disabled? What other jobs are queued? Are burrows involved? Are the stockpiles correct (there is a bug where stone blocks are listed under the metal blocks title). I ran out of bins once and had six craftsdwarfs shops full to purple. Took 20 dwarfs a whole season constantly moving mugs around to clear it out once I made bins again.

I have noticed in 40d the jobs queue would show pages of "store item in bin" after an unsuccessful goblin raid. Now, it seems that the jobs are queued, but they don't show up on the job list - only say 20 or so.
2010-08-07 13:48   
There are no burrows. There are about 60 dwarves in the fortress, and yet none of them were making any motion towards the blocks (they were idle) until I put out another stockpile for the bars (the first one wasn't even halfway full of bins yet). It took them a year for them to finally start putting the stones in the bins.

Currently I'm having the same issue with food, too. The stockpile will be full of food laying about with 50+ empty barrels somewhere in the fortress, and no one will make a move towards the stockpiles until I make a new one. Then they finally get their act together and start storing items properly.
2010-08-07 14:16   
You should upload a save demonstrating this problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
king doom   
2010-08-07 14:49   
If a stockpile is totally full with items that can be stored (as an example, picture a stockpile filled with rock blocks that aren't yet in bins, right next to a furniture stockpile filled with empty bins), then dwarf behaviour becomes erratic at best. Only one dwarf at a time will move to place a bin/barrel, and from what I've seen, it looks like only one dwarf at a time will move to place items in that bin/barrel. If this sounds like the case, make a second, smaller stockpile nearby. The dwarves should all start running around stacking bins and items into it, taking them from the first, full stockpile and putting them in bins in the second.
2010-08-07 15:04   
Not sure if this is the same issue, but the dwarves in my fortress have hundreds of empty barrels sitting in food stockpiles, but whenever I try to brew a drink I get told "Cancels Brew Drink: Needs empty barrel." For some reason they simply will not move them back to the furniture stockpiles once they're emptied of food, and until they do none of the dwarves will use a barrel that has been used to hold anything in the past for making or holding food. Maybe bins have the same problem, which is why the stuff ends up sitting on the floor instead of stored in an empty bin?
2011-02-06 16:11   
Reminder sent to: Lost

Are you still able to provide a save for this?
2011-02-06 16:11   
Reminder sent to: tatterdemalian

Are you able to provide a save that shows this happening?
2011-02-06 20:37   
Dwarfu, I can't use the file depot because it doesn't accept registrations from webmail accounts, and I don't want to get fired for putting my work e-mail on a site associated with video games.
2011-02-06 20:58   
You can use another hosting service if you like...just post a link to your file.
2011-02-09 20:36   
I haven't found any free hosting that allows over 10 MB of public storage. If I find one I'll register, upload, and post a link.
2011-02-09 21:01   
(edited on: 2011-02-09 21:02)
@tatterdemalian: Try uploading the save to Mediafire.

2011-02-18 17:42   
I've had the same issue, a stockpile full of unbarreled food, but a full furniture stockpile of barrels.
2011-02-18 17:57   
Reminder sent to: bowdown2q

Is it possible you restricted the use of barrels in your stockpile?

If not, can you provide a save showing the problem?
2011-02-18 19:43   
(edited on: 2011-02-18 19:49)
I've found that this issue occurs at the same time that dwarves put something strange in my food stockpile, such as empty nest boxes/jugs/hives. I think they're confusing these items (maybe just the jugs) with barrels and put them in the food stockpile as such. So they think there's already an empty barrel in the stockpile, no need to put in another, but they can't put stuff into the confused items so they never get filled.

Dumping the jug (not certain about the other items) and forbidding all other jugs causes the dwarves to put barrels in the stockpile properly.

2011-02-18 21:35   
(edited on: 2011-02-19 14:57)
I've noticed this sort of behavior too - I left my save on the other computer, though.

My food stockpile filled up with fat and tallow and every sort of animal bit after my hunters were successful and I wasn't building enough barrels. I later built a lot of barrels, and found my furniture stockpile full of them while countless un-barreled animal bits lined my food stockpile.

2011-02-22 12:59   
I have noted something like this. Simply adjusting the bins/barrels settings on the stockpile fixed problems, because they were set to 0 by default.
2011-03-03 13:51   
I wasn't restricted barrels, it was the nest box bug ><. Forbidding and dumping all tools worked. MY dwarves have moved food so that it now takes up 0000143:0000200 spaces, instead of 4326.
2011-03-03 15:16   
Okay, the original reporter/commenters didn't upload saves, and the newer commenters are experiencing 0004054 etc. There may still be a separate bug here, but it'd be better to start with a fresh report at this point.