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0003002: All trade caravan goods left on the ground in depot mixup
I had not had a caravan visit in a very long time, so I checked the depot access for my trade depot (built inside the fort walls) and noticed that for some reason it did not have access (not sure why). I immediately built a second trade depot outside and within seconds, got notification that traders had arrived. Just after the notification, I had the old trade depot dismantled. The trade caravan pathed to the OLD depot and unloaded their entire stock before my dwarves could break it down. Once they removed the depot, all of the caravan items appeared as free goods on the ground and my entire population looted it like New Orleans after the flood. The caravan traders then made their way down to the NEW depot and set up, but they had no items and the trade menu was empty. I felt bad so I [o]ffered him some of my goods as a gesture of goodwill. He didn't seem upset and I don't know yet whether this will sour our trade relations.
Build inaccessible depot
wait until a caravan SHOULD show up
build a second depot
determine which one the traders are pathing to and dismantle it

if the depot is dismantled before the caravan gets to it, they MIGHT continue pathing to it and unload where it used to be, or it might require timing the issuance of the dismantle command after pathing is determined and commencing of the dismantling after the traders begin unloading.
Hmmmm, a completely free caravan load of goods. ARRRRRR.
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duplicate of 0000293resolved Toady One Deconstructing trade depot gives you the traders' items 
duplicate of 0000466confirmed lethosor Multiple trade depots cause the merchants/traders to behave oddly 
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Deconstructing the depot to get the traders' items was previously reported as 0000293, and Toady has indicated that it's intentional.

The problems with multiple depots were reported at 0000466.