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0003015: Invader/sieger mounts flee combat, preventing their riders from fighting (worse with [FLIER] tag)
(Found while testing my Orc mod, but I suspect it would apply to goblins as well)

Siege arrived, one squad with a leader mounted on a giant rat. Despite there being an open path into my fortress, the invaders milled around on the edge of the map, ignoring both drawbridges and ramps into my fortress as well as the human caravan that was present at the time.

At one point, they wandered into range of my marksdwarves, who shot the giant rat, sickening it and causing it to flee off the map, carrying the commander and causing the rest of the invading squad to follow him to the edge of the map.
Trigger a siege with mounted opponents
I suspect that the issue is that the mount pathing (random walk) is taking priority over the invader pathing, and the rest of the squad is following their helpless commander. This seems solvable by either going back to the 40d rider-priority or making the mounts themselves aggressive (and possibly allowing invaders to dismount if their mounts were fleeing)
Flying, Save Included
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2010-10-09 17:51   
My current fortress's first siege consisted of a single squad of goblin hammermen led by a goblin swordsman riding a giant bat. The leader flew around a bit and is now hovering in the air outside my fortress, and the rest of the squad is gradually spreading out due to being unable to follow their leader.
2011-03-08 06:08   
AbuDhabi posted this save with goblins on flying mounts from 0004162: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3928 [^]
2011-03-10 20:16   
I was lucky to gen a world in .21 where my fort's dwarf civ is at war with the elves, and in my second elven attack I see an Elite Bowelf riding a camel. One of my marksdwarves goes down with an arrow in the leg, but the bowelf is unable to finish him off from close range, as the camel keeps fleeing from the dwarf (as it's not a war camel). The camel flees a short distance, the elf gets it under control and charges the unconscious dwarf, then the camel sees the dwarf and flees yet again.

This went on until I was able to get a melee squad onto the scene, whereupon the camel flees from them and into the arms of the caravan guards.

tl;dr: this bug (mount pathing overrides rider commands) is still present in 31.21.
2011-09-14 18:01   
I find this especially annoying when the enemies come mounted on less aggressive animals, like horses. In that case, the mounts will FLEE when they see any of your dwarves. It's kind of sad to see an entire siege of melee troops flee before your peasants.

It is a bit nasty when the elves do it, of course. HIT AND RUN BITCH!
2016-12-29 13:05   
Still happening as of 42.06. I have a nearby tower. Undead siege appears with wren men and women invaders. Wren men and women hover 1 Z level above undead at edge of map and nobody moves even though open path into fortress. See save file at: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12628 [^]
2016-12-29 17:00   
@AlBravo: Wren people are not mounts; flier pathing problems are 0002286.