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0003024Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-08-14 09:522012-02-19 15:20
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0003024: Custom Stockpile without primary settings will never be used
A custom stockpile without useing the custom setting first, and only add the stuff with the Q command later will never be used as it still has no settings, even the lines are white.

i.e. a drink only stockpile with empty custom stockpile and only add drinks wont be used, but a food stockpile ripped everything but drinks will do.
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related to 0003111confirmed Loci Stockpile Additional Options Category Does Not Function Correctly For Food 
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2010-08-14 10:07   
You have to reenable materials and qualities as well. Does that clear things up?
2010-08-19 04:52   
foodstockpile dont have materials and qualities i simply use the same method as with generic food stockpiles: go to food enable it(or leave that step if already food), block all and then permit all drinks and prepared food. on furniture stockpiles i don block all just forbid type and ad barrels for example. so the white lines are exactly the same, just a custom stockpile with never used setting wont work
2011-01-18 20:54   
I am seeing a bug that looks very much like this one; when I place a custom stockpile, the dwarves pretend it doesn't exist. In order for my dwarves to use a stockpile, I must designate it as a non-custom stockpile and then change the settings, even if the two have identical.

This has happened to every custom stockpile I have tried to place.

(Win7, Notebook)
2011-07-09 00:32   
Reminder sent to: Rhenaya

Can you verify your 'Additional Options' category selections on these stockpiles?
2011-07-17 21:56   
yes, i even activated everything and still nothing got used
2011-07-25 13:47   
My custom stockpiles are being used just fine. You might want to upload a saved game.
2011-07-25 16:31   
(edited on: 2011-07-25 16:33)
You mentioned a drink-only stockpile not being used - did you remember to allow it to use Barrels ([q]uery the stockpile, then use [E]/[e]/[r]/[R] to adjust the limit)? Newly created food stockpiles automatically permit the maximum possible number of barrels (one per square) and various other stockpile types do the same for bins, but custom stockpiles do not permit any bins or barrels.

2011-12-11 14:40   
Reminder sent to: Rhenaya

Are you able to recreate this and provide a save? Please upload one to http://dffd.wimbli.com [^] and post a link to it here. It will be easier to verify all settings instead of the back-and-forth questions. Also, have a look at Quietust's post (0003024:0018311) to verify your barrel settings.
2012-02-19 15:20   
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