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0000303Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2010-04-03 13:532010-06-13 11:12
Toady One 
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0000303: Cook gets angered by "art defacement" because liquid meals melt when eaten
My chef is busily cranking out easy meals at the kitchen, and is skilled enough now to occasionally make masterpieces. I don't seem to recall this being possible in 40d, but it's been a while.

Regardless, someone just ate one the masterpiece dwarven wine biscuits, and I got an announcement, "A masterwork of Urist McChef has been lost!" and he got the usual unhappy thought about art defacement.

I'm not sure which is the bug here. Either it should be impossible to make masterwork consumables (food, drinks, ammo maybe?) or crafters should understand that masterwork consumables are ephemeral art, and so should not be mourned when destroyed.
(assumed, I haven't tried this)
1. Have a chef make prepared meals.
2. Wait for him to become skilled enough to make masterpieces.
3. Have someone eat a masterpiece prepared meal.
cooking, insanity, masterwork, thoughts
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has duplicate 0002175resolved Footkerchief Cook gains unhappy thought when a "Masterpiece" is eaten. 
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2010-05-05 12:11FootkerchiefSummaryCook gets angered by "art defacement" because liquid meals melt => Cook gets angered by "art defacement" because liquid meals melt when eaten
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2010-04-03 23:32   
I cannot reproduce this. I got the message about a masterwork being lost, so I decided to force dwarves to eat more of the masterwork meal by forbidding everything else. However, they ate it and there was not a further message about a masterwork being lost. I suspect that the cook got mad because some vermin nibbled on the masterpiece.
2010-04-04 00:36   
either that or it stopped being an artifact after the first bite, leaving the remainder of the feast as free game for anybody else.
2010-04-04 00:54   
I believe Malicus is correct. I have had this same issue and it seemed to happen far less often than masterpiece foods were eaten.
2010-04-04 01:21   
Something like this either happens because the masterpiece item gets destroyed or stolen, not eaten. So, it's probably vermin, rhesus monkeys, or goblins that caused it.
2010-04-04 10:34   
Hrm, could be vermin. I haven't seen any rhesus monkeys or goblins in this fort yet.
2010-04-06 15:46   
(edited on: 2010-04-06 18:14)
Same happened to me as well as a announcement spam of
A masterwork has been lost
Urst Mcdwarf cancels Eat: Item lost or destroyed
7 messages of each.
he then threw a tantrum.
In which he threw a chair at a wardog.
who promptly mauled him.
then the sheriff hit him.
causing insanity.

2010-04-06 16:51   
It ussually happens when masterpiece food rots, because noone put it into stockpile fast enough.
2010-04-06 18:13   
It happened Immediately after it was created because we didn't have much food. same season
2010-04-07 19:55   
im having the same issue now, ill be a lot more careful about watching what people eat, and report. rotting is definitely not the cause for me (my food is inside and stockpiled). my cook is also my brewer which complicates things. it could be that he is using his own masterfully prepared brews in cooking that is driving him to tantrum, although i highly doubt this based on the frequency and timing of the messages. (wasnt paying enough attention then).
2010-04-07 20:07   
just got this message again, however i do not have any masterful meals. however i do have a a *Longland beer roast [46]* that has masterfully minced tuber beer as an ingredient.

looking at the stockpile in question where this meal was i [k] see:

*Longland beer roast[46]*
*Longland beer roast* <-- this guy is owned for a meal
Longland beer
Longland beer

and the tile changed from '%' to 'รท' (which is double tilde '~' in curses_800x600)

im going to start putting these meals in barrels and see if the same thing happens again. i could be on the wrong track, and my issue could be related to booze.
2010-04-07 20:13   
just happened again and it seems that my *Longland beer roast[x]* is decomposing into Longland beer, even though it is inside and in a stockpile. i only have 36 now, even though only one meal was consumed and i used to have 46.

what is interesting is that the roast itself is not masterful, but just has masterful ingredients.
2010-04-07 22:06   
I've have this happen, and I believe this is a result of making a meal ENTIRELY out of booze. The resulting product dissolves into a puddle of booze in the kitchen, which counts as it being destroyed.
2010-04-08 01:58   
yeah seems like a dupe of 000138
2010-04-10 11:48   
i dont thinks its a duplicate but they could be related
2010-04-28 18:56   
Definitely not a duplicate of that one.

I've just had it happen several times. I had to forbid the original stack of roasts to get it to stop happening before my cook went insane.

For me I've got a stack of 25 masterfull dwarven wine roasts that become just dwarven wine when they are attempted to be eaten. Then 20 of them and 5 dwarven wine on the floor.
2010-05-05 03:03   
I've seen this too, although I suspect in combination with a different bug.

I got multiple "art defacement" messages from the cook pretty much all at once, with cooking based on drinkables disabled and all of my food in piles (some of it in barrels, some not). To my knowledge, no vermin around and plenty of cats.

When I checked my 'z' status screen, food stocks had dropped sharply, and there was suddenly zero meat/fish/plants. I still have more than a hundred "other" food left, but the dwarves are acting as if there is none (they're all hunting for vermin). Looking at the piles, I still seem to have some meat too (and definitely cheese, etc), even if the status screen and my citizens think I don't. The cook can't find anything to cook with, either.

I removed and re-created my piles while in use earlier on in the game, to make them be contiguous.

I just built an "airlock" double-grate entrance for caravans with no other way inside my fortress, which means I might have triggered a pathing bug too.

Version 0.31.03. Apologies if this is player error, I just started out a couple of days ago.
2010-05-05 11:56   
My bug was actually bug 0001762.
2010-05-05 12:20   
Since everyone seems to be an agreement that this is caused by liquid prepared meals, I've edited the summary.
2010-06-10 10:17   
I had the same issue. I noticed that if I turned off temperature, then the *wine roast* problem went away. Maybe temperature related?
Toady One   
2010-06-13 04:29   
This should be fixed for 0.31.07, assuming it's a melting food issue (which seems likely).