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0003052: Dwarf being "upset about being relieved from duty" for no reason
I have a dwarf, champion maceman. Everytime when i cancel stationing (which happens 3 times per year - every time my caravans come, i set my soldiers guarding entry points) that dwarf get a "was upset about being relieved from duty" thought and almost always get unhappy mood. AFAIK that thought should appear only when some badass dwarf champion who slayed 100+ goblins gets expelled from his beloved squad where he served for 30 years. Why the hell in respond for a simple order - "Hey, Limul, get back in fortress there are no (more) goblins outside. Maybe you will be lucky (again) next time a caravan arrives and you will be able to kill some goblin BEFORE that axe lord takes all share..", he must answer "NOOOES!! MY GOBLINS! I WANNA KILL THEM! I am sure there some hiding in those bushes! Gimme me at least two days to check those tress," which results in a bad thought?

Or it's a personality trait?) I mean, no one from his squad or others suffers from this thing.
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duplicate of 0000525resolved Toady One Peasants in the military receive bad thoughts when going off duty. 
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Does he have any civilian skills?

Dwarves complain unless they're at least a novice at either any military or any civilian skill. Once they're at least novice in both there will be no further complaints.
2010-08-17 09:29   
Lol... didn't know about that. Ye - he really doesn't have any civilian skills above dabbling level.. must have him detail walls a bit.
2010-08-17 13:17   
Dwarven gyms still work well. Build a bunch of pumps and have all recruits exercise at the pumps to improve their stats. They will be tougher, stronger, and faster than soldiers without legendary pump skills and this skill also means they will not complain about going off duty as they have a civilian skill to fall back on.
2010-08-17 16:03   
Well that's just stupid. I mean, why the hell champion soldier should have some civilian skill for backup? He knows what a good soldier he is and no one wants him to do some useless pump operating jobs or making cheese but take his huge axe and go chop some goblin heads...
2010-08-17 18:36   
See 0000525.