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0003063Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-08-19 01:062018-08-05 12:40
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0003063: Dwarves stockpile outside items before dumping
My dwarves want to stockpile items dropped by enemies, even though i've designated them to be dumped. The dwarves haul them to the stockpile and then dump them afterwards. It seems their desire to stockpile > their desire to dump, when it should be the opposite.
Reclaim and designate an enemy item for dumping.
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related to 0001779new  Haulers can disrupt building of pumps by hauling tasked items to stockpiles 
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Both designated for dumping and assigned to coffin corpses first stockpiled then dumped and buried in 44.12
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Tested in v0.44.12, v0.34.11, and v0.31.25: haulers will replace a store item job with a dump job if dumping is allowed. If dumping is not allowed (by standing orders for outside items, say) then dwarves will move items to a stockpile instead (and, if dumping is then permissible, perform the requested dump job).