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0003067Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2010-08-19 08:092014-01-21 20:07
0003067: Axedwarves use shield as their primary weapon in combat
Not sure exactly what triggers this, but it seems to happen much more often in the current version that what I have seen before, though that may be just coincidence.

I just lost 4 legendary Axedwarves to a Forgotten Beast because they decided that their shields would make better weapons than their axes (which they all had equipped). 30 something pages into combat, with only minor brusing to the beast, it finally got the better of them. It appears the dwarves are equipping their shield in the right hand, and their axe in their left.

I noticed in the equipment list, shield always appears above sword (not sure if that matters) even if you remove and re-add the shield to the uniform.

As a temporary work-around I have simply removed the shielf from their uniform. I will let you know if this gets them using their axes, or what next time something attacks (I savescummed this one as 4 legendary axedwarves represent too much time and training effort to lose to a bug).
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duplicate of 0002225new  Unskilled dwarf prefers to fight with shield instead of axe 
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As an added note, these same dwarves seem to have no problem using their axes to spar.
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See 0002225. It would be very helpful to upload a save demonstrating this problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-08-25 06:02   
I'll try to get a save where this is happening then.