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0003095: Ice creates generic "Trees"
I have a saved game where several trees and saplings have no description beyond "Tree" and "Sapling." They are all located in places where there is seasonal ice (due to me digging out the cavern's ceiling), leading me to believe that being encased in ice causes trees to loose their descriptive data. The areas where there was ice have no unchanged trees.
Have ice form around a tree. It is possible that this only occurs if that ice has also been mined out; I can't tell yet as I have no control group, but I will update as the digging continues and that changes.
0.31.12, ice, trees
duplicate of 0001562confirmed lethosor Frozen shrubs display incorrectly when the ice melts 
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Save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2990 [^]
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Related to 0000457, if anyone could tell me how to set that up I'd appreciate it!
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This is 0001562. I'll crosspost your save link there.

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