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0003114Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2010-08-27 16:212010-08-27 16:55
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0003114: Wrong text when being unable to smelt steel do to lack of iron bars
If you have a job at a magma smelter(Haven't tried in a normal one) queued for making steel bars but don't have enough iron bars to do the job, when making steel is attempted, the game reports the message "Urist McFurnaceOperator cancels Make steel bars: Needs 150 iron bars."
1. Have enough to produce two steel bars(Minus one iron bar)
2. Queue two make steel bar jobs at a smelter.
3.When the Furnace Operator reacehs the second make steel bar job, you will get the message.
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duplicate of 0000063resolved Toady One Steel Bar Cancel - 150 Iron Bars 
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It's also just an unexpected consequence of the new material tracking system, in which 150 "chunks" of steel make up one bar.