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0003147Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2010-09-03 08:532015-08-31 15:50
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0003147: Heathcare dwarves return leftover cloth/thread to outside stockpile instead of hospital supplies
When a doc-dwarf does heathcare that requires a resource (expendable?), like thread or cloth, when finished with the treatment this is returned to a stockpile that accepts this item rather than returning it to the hospital storage.
When confining the doc to a hospital only burrow, this leads to stockpile inaccessable spam as the doc is stuck on this task.

This can be fixed by having a 'leftovers' stockpile in the hospital itself, only problem if there is overflow of production in these goods.

Presumably the same occurs with plaster powder and buckets, but I have not observed this personally yet.

Surprised this issue is not yet reported, if I missed the report, please close. :)>
Build hospital.
have it stocked.
Have adequate doctor dwarf.
restrain this doctor to a burrow containing only the hospital, his chambers and possibly a diningroom.
access to a watersource and food stockpile is also nice.
Has cloth/thread/.etc stockpile outside burrow.

Get a dwarf cut open or smashed, so that sutures or dressing is required.
observe: after one of these tasks is completed, the doc will want to store the cloth/thread in the stockpile.
burrow, burrows, healthcare, item hauling, stockpile
has duplicate 0003104resolved Footkerchief Suturing and wound dressing 
has duplicate 0008209resolved Knight Otu Suturing does not use up thread 
related to 0001359new  Doctors in burrows cannot drop supplies without proper stockpiles 
related to 0008153assigned Footkerchief Suturers & wound dressers haul thread/cloth after use, even with item hauling disabled 
child of 0000771new  Cloth/Thread partially used by medical dwarfs can't be dyed/woven & they prefer new supplies over used ones 
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2010-09-03 11:13   
(edited on: 2010-09-03 11:50)
ps buckets are dropped wherever after use.

Not confirming, but could be related to 0000287?
indeed, it is a sibling. ;)

2013-06-17 09:55   
I don't think this happens anymore in 0.34.11. I've recently witnessed doctors putting consumable supplies straight back into the hospital coffer, in my only 0.34.11 fort. I haven't witnessed partially used consumables leaving the hospital.

My executable is vanilla 0.34.11, but heavily patched with binary patches found in these issues:
0005994: Destroying a wall empties the wood stockpile
0004406: Hospital zone does not respect cloth maximums
0003759: Dwarven caravan brought silver crossbow, ITEMS_WEAPON_RANGED ignored in world gen?
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0003100: Military dwarves turn off all of their labors when becoming heroes
0004530: Marksdwarves won't use training bolts unless combat bolts all used up
2013-06-18 00:19   
Maybe they don't put them back when the hospital is overstocked on the item.
2013-06-21 14:35   
I don't know about in a hospital, but whenever I set up a Fill Pit/Pond zone the dwarves fetch a bucket from wherever, get the water, dump it into the zone then leave the bucket sitting where they stood when they poured the water into the pit/pond zone. This is 0.34.11 (phoebus).
2015-08-31 15:50   
I observed dwarves going to the stockpile, dressing wounds, and storing the used cloth back in the stockpile, even after I provided coffers in the hospital. The coffers are currently empty because I only got around to building them after the injured dwarves arrived.

Save at http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11101 [^] . He does eventually get around to putting stuff in the coffers but only once someone else has put it there.