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0000317Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-04-03 15:262010-12-11 08:59
Toady One 
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0000317: Constructing staircases causes pathing problems.
I noticed a strange bug happen where my carpenter/mason/architect froze in spot with "No Job" listed, despite there being multiple jobs for him to do. Additionally, other dwarves, such as my furnace operator, stopped being able to path to most of the objects in my fort. For example, I had 200 loose stone but a (c)onstruct order only listed 26 available. I had just ordered my mason to construct a downwards staircase on top of the upwards staircase that he had built.

After removing the staircase build order everything went back to normal after a while. Placing the order caused him to immediately do it and then freeze up when he received the next order.
Dig out 200 stone.

Have a mason build two upwards staircases.

(c)onstruct two downwards staircases on top of them simultaneously.

See if the mason freezes with a "No Job" listing. Additionally, try to (c)onstruct other buildings and see if this causes the right number of materials to be found.
It seems that pathing to materials gets broken for all dwarves when they run into stairway pathing problems. Miners were unaffected by this.

I additionally designated some stockpiles. I don't know if this had any effect on this pathing issue.

Reproducing this issue is somewhat spotty for the following reason:

I'm not sure if the pathing dies after a mason builds a downwards staircase or if it breaks after the mason builds a downwards staircase with another downwards staircase queued up. Further testing is required if we want to get that specific.
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Removing the downwards staircase still doesn't seem to fix the mason, even though pathing to resources now works. Mason pathing/AI remains broken, even though all other dwarves are functional.

update: the mason is now stuck at the top of the staircase he built and shows no intention of going anywhere else ever.

update 2: attempting to build structures at the base of the staircase my mason is trapped on causes me to get a "No access to..." error. This does not happen anywhere else on the map or near other staircases that my mason is not trapped on.

update 3: my mason came down, but remains stuck inside of the "no pathing" area. He wanders around every now and then inside of the box surrounding the staircase but can't take the extra step to rejoin his pathing fellows in the rest of the fortress. Instead he is dying of thirst.

king doom   
2010-04-03 16:07   
Up/down stairs cause issues for me - Trying to build down from the roof of a cavern into empty space below causes problems, it takes two or three attempts to tell the dwarves to build the stair, in exactly the same place with the exact same material before they will stop canceling the task and actually building it.

Dwarves also have pathfinding issues randomly regarding stairs. I've had masons standing around doing nothing till they start to starve, while other dwarves use the stairs directly next to the masons without issue.
2010-04-03 17:50   
Issue goes away for a while after reloading. It seems that there's an upper limit to the number of pathing calculations (mentioned in the somethingawful thread here: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?noseen=0&threadid=3286986&pagenumber=28#post374810620 [^] ) which gets reset whenever you reload the game. My mason lives!
2010-04-12 12:36   
This and other issues are being marked resolved because they fit the symptoms of the general pathing bug described by issues 0000018 and 0000070. If this issue represents an additional bug, it will most likely present different symptoms in 31.03, and a new report should be submitted.