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0003171Dwarf FortressSitespublic2010-09-07 13:132011-04-06 17:15
PCWindows XP
0003171: Obsidian mined from a Dark Fortress is unuseable.
I embarked on a ruined dark fortress and proceeded to mine out some of the walls. The obsidian mined from this was stockpiled correctly, but I am not able to use it for construction or crafts. I thought perhaps it had somehow been set as economic, so I go to Status -> Stone, and I can't find obsidian listed at all.
1. Embark on a ruined dark fortress.
2. Mine obsidian.
3. Attempt to build something.
0.31.12, Dark Fortress, obsidian
duplicate of 0000073resolved Toady One cannot disable the use of obsidian in the z->stone screen 
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For the obsidian listing on the menu, see the parent issue of 0000073.