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0000318Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-03 15:292011-08-07 14:48
Toady One 
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0000318: Surgery job never completes
I have a dwarf who was injured in a beating (punishment for a tantrum).. he broke a nail, apparently:

first finger, right hand, nail:
  compound fracture
  smashed apart

first finger, right hand, skin:
  compound fracture
  cut apart

He was diagnosed as needing cleaning, surgery, sutures, dressing.
The wound has been cleaned, but he is now stuck in surgery.

Periodically he will rest in a hospital bed with a job of "Rest".
A surgeon will come over with a job of "Surgery" and stands on top of him
.. and keeps standing there
.. and keeps standing there
Eventually the patient gets fed up and walks off, and the surgeon aborts the job with "Patient not resting".

This has happened 6-7 times now, with no sign of the surgery completing, with both a Novice Surgeon and a Proficient Surgeon trying.
healthcare, hospital, surgery
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2010-04-03 15:32   
Sorry, correction, the wound did not need cleaning (I was thinking of another dwarf)
2010-04-03 15:35   
Could you check whether the wounds have already healed? If so, then this bug is basically the same as 0000168.
2010-04-03 15:53   
The wound is still showing red under 'w'ounds, and on his description page it says "His first finger, right hand is broken. His first finger, right hand is smashed open."

So I guess that the "cut apart" part of the wound has healed on its own, but the rest is still there (and he still periodically "rests injury")
2010-04-04 05:14   
Why is there a "compound fracture" anyway? Is that intended?
2010-04-04 07:59   
Dwarves are dying from starvation and thirst from breaking nails if they don't make it to a bed.
2010-04-05 18:00   
I have yet to see a successful surgery.

Just to add my data on this one, currently I have a dwarf with many broken bones, but no other wounds (he had some bruising but it all healed right away). He is currently dying of thirst while the doctor sits on his head playing pretend surgeon.

His diagnosis says: Cleaning request, surgery request, suture request, setting request, dressing request, traction request, immobalization request. (He's screwed).

Furthermore the health report says he has multiple compound overlapping fractures, and cut apart muscle and smashed apart bones.

The dwarf description says his right upper arm, right hand, right foot, right wrist and right shoulder are all broken.

The moment he was hurt i disabled the doctors non doctor labors, but he sat around idle until the bruising on the patient healed. Then he diagnosed him, and immediately started surgery.
2010-04-05 18:12   
(edited on: 2010-04-05 18:15)
I'm having the same problem.

I have a dwarf that says "Her third finger, left hand is broken. Her third finger, left hand is smashed open." Same thing for her fourth right toe.

I have two surgeons who take turns standing over the dwarf pretending to perform surgery until they get tired/thirsty/hungry and walk away.

Also, she's been resting in a bed in the hospital since she got injured, if that makes any difference.

2010-04-06 01:37   
Almost the exact case here. A dwarf got a beating after a tantrum, resulting in a compound fracture in a toe-nail. She's been in and out of surgery for over a year now, with an Accomplished Surgeon attending her. The hospital is well-equipped and stocked, with everything except powder for casts and soap.

She gets water and food brought to her, but every now and then she'll stop resting and grab a drink herself, or even haul something.

Since she's also 'very slow to heal', I don't expect the situation to change any time soon.
2010-04-08 09:09   
It was mentioned in the forums that speed-modded dwarves accomplish surgery and other medical tasks just fine. Perhaps the issue is that the base time for these tasks is simply too high, when combined with the "all or nothing" nature of jobs in DF?

http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=52530.msg1142408#msg1142408 [^]
2010-04-09 04:11   
Same fort, patient and surgeon as earlier, a few years later. The surgeon is now Professional. Modded dwarves to speed:1, but no change in status after multiple surgeries. Possibly, speed:1 worked for others because there was very little delay between diagnosis and surgery.

The repeated suturing on another dwarf didn't complete either, btw.
2010-04-13 19:58   
I've got this too. A dwarf needs surgery and suturing, but the surgeon frequently gives up, reporting that the patient is no longer resting. Mostly, the patient rests.

It may be worth mentioning how this came to be:

I embarked with a full medical team. Owing to some interesting but irrelevant SNAFU, there was a lot of early fighting. Three dwarves survived the ruckus with wounds. They went about their business normally until some time later when I built a hospital, at which point they all instantly claimed beds and began resting.

These included my diagnostician. I eventually enabled the diagnostics labor on my surviving surgeon. He had no skill at this, but was apparently able to get the other three dwarves on their feet anyway. However, the most grievously wounded of the three soon came back to the hospital, where he now spends most of his time, though he gets up just often enough to keep the surgeon from fixing him.
2010-04-14 03:10   
(edited on: 2010-04-14 03:11)
Same issue. Surgeon never completes surgery. I can provide a save exhibiting this behavior if needed. Also, I'd propose this is not a low issue. Urgency should be reviewed.

Toady One   
2010-04-17 05:18   
I think I'll need a save for this one. It isn't the same as the bug that caused suture and dressing jobs to repeat over and over.

Re: urgency, those are set by the reporter. I'd get rid of the priority field if I knew how, since I don't plan to use it.
2010-04-17 14:08   
This has happened to me too. Its EXTREMELY annoying.
2010-04-18 02:55   
Save file provided as requested.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2141 [^]
Good luck. Hope this makes it into 0.31.04
2010-04-23 11:13   
I've had the same issue with dressing wounds.

Wounds to head, neck and chest, each of which the skin, fat and muscle is injured. All three injuries diagnosed, cleaned, and then... nothing for three seasons. The medical dwarf has brought all the cloth in the fortress to that square (i found out when I removed the bed), and the head wound has gone from yellow to brown, but otherwise nothing.

Now, I've removed the bed, the dwarf has moved on. Injuries never changed color again, and the cloth is not reclaimed to put back in the stockpile.
2010-04-23 12:31   
ronarscorruption: that one is 0000474 and it should be fixed for the next release.
2010-05-12 13:25   
(edited on: 2010-05-12 14:04)
I could provide an additional save with this surgery issue in 31.3 if needed.

In my case the lower left leg is smashed and broken, twice, as well as the left knee. Amputation would be the humane treatment, but these be dorfs. ;)

Edit: eventually patient got up, broken leg and all and hauled some rocks. Not sure if she was austed from the bed by a sleepy vagrant or got up by herself.

2010-05-17 04:16   
Toady - "Re: urgency, those are set by the reporter. I'd get rid of the priority field if I knew how, since I don't plan to use it."

It would be perfect if you could let priority be determined by the Bug Tracker admins rather than the user. User's are biased and only those knowledgeable of the game and the current bugs should set this.
2010-05-17 04:20   
It would be perfect if you could let priority be determined by the Bug Tracker admins rather than the user. User's are biased and only those knowledgeable of the game and the current bugs should set this.

Read what he said again. He doesn't plan to use it. We managers can't dictate Toady's priorities either.
2010-05-18 12:00   
I have this happening in a new fortress started in a clean install of 31.04

There is a save here: http://www.walkeritc.co.uk/region1.zip [^]
2010-05-18 14:07   
@foot: naturally priority is Toady's province and his alone. :)
I think the poster was also concerned about the 'severity' rating and how a poster is naturally inclined to feel more strongly about bugs he/she finds.

Can severity be altered by 'moderators'?
2010-05-23 21:58   
Can severity be altered by 'moderators'?

Yup, the managers can alter pretty much everything. I do want to make people happy by updating the severity, but at the same time, I don't want to encourage people to think that the severity is of real importance.

2010-05-24 03:51   
This might be a specical case, this bug is quite severe I think (it permantly kills dwarves to uslessness and keeps doctors occoupied)

Should be looked into even more,
2010-05-24 03:53   
Oh and Vince, thats intended, I think.

Im pretty sure its possible to smash a fingernail and have the little nail shards go into your flesh. Very painful. and probually easy to get infected in RL
Toady One   
2010-06-10 03:43   
(edited on: 2010-06-10 03:49)
Okay, this has been fixed for 0.31.07. The surgeon was trying to drag the patient to the operating table and kept lifting up the patient and dropping the patient... it's too bad that kind of heavy lifting doesn't build strength. In any case, if you leave out the operating tables (and traction benches, most likely, still have to test that save), you shouldn't lose any doctors to this, though the surgeries will be nastier. You can put them back in 0.31.07 when it is posted.

edit: Nvm on the getting rid of tables... in the other save, the doctor dragged the patient all the way over to a dining room table to operate. I'll fix that too -- but any table will apparently cause this error.