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0003193Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-09-10 10:562010-11-21 12:31
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0003193: Dwarves rarely heal
There seem to be a lot of problems with the workings of the hospital. For starters, very few of the dwarves that visit it ever leave, dead or alive. After an ambush 9 dwarves were sent to the hospital. After a year of "rest" 6 of them are still in the hospital showing no improvement. Two left and one died on unknown causes.

Also, my doctors are acting very buggy. Two of my doctors almost never go to the hopital, despite the number of wounded there, while the third, my chief medical dwarf, spends literally all of his time by a small pond "applying cast". He has actually spent such long stretches of time at this pond that he borders on death by hunger or thirst. And he never applies a cast to anyone.
healthcare, hospital
duplicate of 0002627resolved Toady One Dwarves cannot collect water for "Apply cast" job 
duplicate of 0000681resolved Toady One Legless/footless dwarfs are ignored by healthcare 
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0002627 is the apply cast bug.

Re: the other dwarfs:Have the dwarfs been diagnosed? If you (v)iew them, press p to go to the wounded dwarf's preferences page, and then press z to look at their profile. Finally, in their profile hit h to view the dwarf's health. If you look under the tabs, it should show what step they are at. Also, if they have a history, it should be there.

My guess is that they haven't been diagnosed. Which is already been reported as well. Can't find that bug report offhand, though.