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0003217Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Artifactspublic2010-09-14 02:122014-01-27 13:56
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0003217: Forbidding base artifact material results in Iron item.
Forbidding the TSKed first item in workshop while a moody dwarf is working in it appears to cause the dwarf to make an iron artifact.
Artifact, forbid, material
duplicate of 0005625new  "Bone" artifact ends up being iron if the mood dwarf is interrupted (by forbidding, combat, etc) 
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In older versions, doing this would result in an artifact made of "toad bone" (since TOAD is the very first CREATURE object); in 0.31, it presumably forces the type to be INORGANIC and picks the first material it finds, which happens to be IRON.