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0003223Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smeltingpublic2010-09-14 20:192010-09-15 06:03
lowtrivialhave not tried
WindowsWindows 76.1 (I think.)
0003223: I get the message, "Risen Gubellmill, Soap Maker cancels Make bronze bars (use bars): Needs 150 copper bars." (0 bars are left.)
After trading for a some copper bars, I tasked a Smelter with smelting bronze bars and set it on repeat, to use up all the copper for making bronze. Obviously the error is the 150 in the offending message, not that bronze production stopped. There are still some bronze bars in the smelter, as well as some tin bars.
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duplicate of 0000063resolved Toady One Steel Bar Cancel - 150 Iron Bars 
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See 0000040. Bars all have a "dimension" of 150 (though it's only used for soap right now), and cloth and thread have dimensions of 10000 and 15000 (respectively).