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0003309: Buzzards are "Unbutcherable"
Butchers seem to have troubles noticing buzzards to butcher. I had about 10 of them lying in the refuse stockpile right next to the butcher shop I created to get bones out of them (I killed them right after I embarked)

It wasn't individual problem with a dwarf (all of them ignored the corpses) and I think the problem is based around multiple "Wild animals" not only buzzards. I had this problem in earlier games (in the same version) but it might have been caused by the fact that I didn't have the "Gather refuse from outside" order set properly ( o-r-o ) which was set properly in THIS specific game.
Acquiring a dead Buzzard. Might not happen with tamed ones since they can be set for slaughter in the "score" menu.
It might be part of the problem that those buzzards seem to rot extremely fast or extremely slow.
Half of them has already turned into skeletons after barely a season, and half of them didn't even start to rot yet.

I also use Mike Mayday tileset (although it's doubtful to cause the problem) and I have modified raws:

to get rid of aquifers.
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duplicate of 0000874new  Dwarves refuse to butcher some corpses (buzzards in particular) 
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I had this problem in .31.12-.16

I had my refuse stockpiles OUTSIDE, with gather from outside turned off. Turning it on allowed them to start going through my refuse piles.

Though I've been unable to designate tame buzzards(or some other animals) for butcher except directly.

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This might be due to the fact that buzzards are quite amazingly small, so they might contain so little meat that they're not considered butcherable. I've slaughtered numerous tame buzzards purchased from the elves, and most of them yield nothing more than a skull.