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0003350Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-10-01 15:342014-01-17 10:38
Malibu Stacey 
0003350: Cartilage never decays
I noticed my butchery refuse stock pile ends up full of hair & cartilage after a while as they have no use. Cartilage should rot after some time but [MATERIAL_TEMPLATE:CARTILAGE_TEMPLATE] in material_template_default.txt is missing the [ROTS] tag so this never happens.
Start Fortress mode.
Define an indoor refuse pile which accepts only animal parts.
Butcher/Slaughter some animals either from tame livestock or hunting.
Simple fix, add [ROTS] to [MATERIAL_TEMPLATE:CARTILAGE_TEMPLATE] in material_template_default.txt
material, Probable Quick Fix, raw file, rotting
related to 0002377new  Corpse pieces that are non-processable for ethical reasons don't disappear 
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Malibu Stacey   
2010-10-04 08:32   
From a quick look at the raws this is still missing in 0.31.16.
2011-05-12 20:41   

I changed the raws both in the main directory and in the saves directory. Nothing happened to the cartilage, though. How long does "ROTS" take? Years?