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0003420: Dwarf cancelled job: Needs 10000 bones
This is really a two-part bug-- the first is that it wouldnt recognize a stack of 13 bones as thirteen bones but as 1 bone that had 13 uses (got to make lots of gauntlets yay -_- )
The second part is that if i'm making something, lets say bronze bars, it'll cancel and say something along the lines of "needs XXXXX more copper bars" and that number has been from like 150 to 10,000, neither of which make sense.
Have your dwarves make something for which there arent any materials and watch the message. Or have one stack of bones and try to make bone greaves, or something like that. If you only have one stack of bones, it wont register as having enough material (stack of 13 bones said i needed 2)
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duplicate of 0000040resolved Toady One "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item : Needs 10000 plant cloth" 
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The "150-10000" issue is completely normal and is only cosmetic - bars have an "item dimension" of 150, cloth has a dimension of 10000, and thread has a dimension of 15000. See 0000040 for more details.