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0003421Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Populationspublic2010-10-13 09:332018-11-20 11:52
Knight Otu 
0003421: Entity populations do not respect hair styles
When you enter the town of a civilization with raw-defined hair styles (like the dwarves have) and look at a nameless inhabitant, that person will not have any hair styles. Historical figures, however, will have appropriate hair stylings.
Find the town of a civilization with defined hair styles (in vanilla, you could give dwarves towns for the time being), enter it, and look at a random person's description.
If you're lucky enough to find a blinking person, look at that one as well.
There may be some relation with 0003332, but the historical figures are just as naked as the other people.
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related to 0005119confirmed Footkerchief Human NPCs always have "extremely long" hair 
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2010-10-13 15:17   
Do they have any description at all, or are they just lacking in their hair?
Knight Otu   
2010-10-14 01:42   
They're just lacking hair styles. They have the rest of the description (including the hair length that comes from not trimming hair).
2012-10-11 04:44   
I can confirm that this is still a problem.
2018-11-20 11:52   
Good news: I cannot reproduce this anymore in .44.12, the humans in the hamlet who I gave hair shapings all have their hair and mustaches done. :)