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0003443: Hostile underground critter becomes friendly after downing Forgotten Beast and getting a name
I have a pack of Cave Fish Men who hang out by the edge of the map in the underground cave. I don't bother them, they don't bother me. Today a Forgotten Beast spawned (The huge hairy lobster! Beware it's fiery breath!). He spawned right next to these guys. The Cave Fish Men proceeded to wreck his shit. It wasn't a really long battle, and I think the Cave Fish Men got a causality or two. One of the Cave Fish Women (Spearwoman, if it matters) must have done the killing blow because she received a name over it. This flipped her reaction to my dwarves from Hostile to Friendly. The rest of her compadres are still hostile and none of them are named. Probably the act of receiving a name because of the Forgotten Beast caused her to go friendly. None of my dwarves were involved in this fight, as the area is walled off.

I suppose this could be a feature and not a bug, but if that's the case the whole lot of them should turn friendly as they all participated in the killing, in my opinion anyway.
I suspect all you'd have to do is let some Hostile/Wild Animal mobs (if wild animals attack forgotten beasts) take down a forgotten beast. The one that gets named will probably be set to Friendly.
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duplicate of 0000842needs feedback Dwarfu Primitive civ creatures become friendly upon receiving names 
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