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0003478Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2010-10-28 11:262014-10-18 12:41
Knight Otu 
0003478: Hamlets of destroyed civilizations have sand huts and unknown material doors
It's rare that it happens, but when a civilization is destroyed in world gen, the houses in its farming hamlets will be made out of sand (and probably other soil types, but I've only seen red sand so far), with the occasional spots of stone. Doors in the hamlet will be made out of unknown material. There might be effects on roads and bridges too, but I haven't really delved into that.

Presumably, when the civilization is destroyed, the game loses all information on the civ's building materials, and can't determine what the site buildings should be made of.

The problem may extend to such villages reclaimed during world gen, but the only evidence I've seen there was a modded civilization in deserts, so I can't be certain of that.

A save is coming up, it needs to finish uploading.
Generate a world with many civilizations and beasts, preferably a region so everyone is on the same landmass, and check whether a human civilization crumbled during world gen. Travel to a site of that civilization.
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Knight Otu   
2010-10-28 11:31   
Save is here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3336 [^]
2010-10-28 11:46   
This might be a variation of 0001692.
Knight Otu   
2010-10-28 12:32   
Hm, yes, it might be. I haven't encountered 1692 in 31.13+ so far, so it might have been replaced with this one, or it is waiting in the shadows for proper towns to return to show up again.
2010-10-28 15:55   
I'm marking as "related" for now - might be a duplicate if it can be shown that 0001692 reproduces under the same conditions as this one.

Speaking of that, it would be great if there are any more reports of this one - I'm wondering if it's always going to be sand, or if it'll be some random material.
2010-11-12 02:56   
(edited on: 2010-11-12 02:57)
I've just seen this in 31.17's villages, but haven't experienced the materials side of things. The hamlet I saw had buildings made from claystone, although none of them had smoothed roofs.

2011-03-31 16:16   
I just found an empty town with houses with walls of smooth chert, roofs of rough chert and doors of unknown material in 31.24. The world is from a few versions back, .21 I believe, in case that matters.
2011-06-16 09:35   
I can confirm that this bug appears in v0.31.25, one human civ had several abandoned village had slate walls and doors of unknown material. The same civ was also suffering from castles infested with hostile naked wrestlers.
2011-06-16 21:45   
I would just like to say that sand huts are awesome.

Seriously, these people lived in sandcastles.
2014-10-18 12:41   
(edited on: 2014-10-18 12:53)
*attaches clamps to the report and reboots it for 40.13*

I've got an example that seems to be this bug, except that the buildings are made of shale. HOWEVER, what leads me to believe that this is the same bug and not a different one is that the doors are also made of 'unknown materal' and while the civ wasn't destroyed, the site itself was destroyed.

Looking at both Legends mode and Legends Viewer, the hamlet was destroyed in 29, it is now the year 300 (almost 301 actually)

Main events since:

A century later, a goblin comes and settles there, okay.

Then from 134-182, there are various rampages by werebeasts devouring trolls. Wait, trolls? Those are only goblin sites, not human sites.

Nothing else from there until 300 where various transients settle briefly in the hamlet.

Apparently my current adventurer had actually been on the site earlier, but I didn't see the buildings at that time.

Also, Legendsviewer shows the hamlet as not being owned by anybody and the last legends output I made has it being settled by a goblin and a human outcast.

Checked the goblin that settled a century later and she was the leader of a criminal gang, so, being a goblin, I guess the game somehow thought it was a goblin site?

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9940 [^] (theres some bags of plants in the house just south of me for some reason)

Edit: Just noticed that they have soil (fire clay specifically) roofs.

Edit3: The curious thing about the human outcast (who I killed along with the goblin), is that she turned out to be a werebeast and showed up as a human recruit rather than peasant and she actually has no ties (that I can see) to the hamlet or the criminal group that the goblin was leader of.