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0000348Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-04-03 20:332021-11-22 12:43
0000348: Squads becoming inactive for a time when switching between Alerts.
Whenever I switch any squad between two different "active" alerts, the dwarfs within the squad revert to being civilians for a period of time before becoming soldiers again and commencing their orders.

For example:
I have two different Alerts, the standard "Active/Training" alert, and a custom one where I define all soldiers to defend my front entrance burrow for emergency ambushes. I was surprised by an ambush, and set the squad's alerts from "Active/Training" to defending my burrow, which is when they all deactivated for a few seconds, trying to store their equipment, then reactivated and commenced to defend the burrow.
1. Create a squad and set them to "Active/Training".
2. Create another alert, and set their orders to have them patrol or defend something.
3. While they are training, change their alert to the one you created.
4. Watch as they deactivate for a few seconds, then reactivate and do as you command.
This bug doesn't seem to occur if done in quick succession. This is a minor, maybe even trivial bug. But it can be troublesome in an emergency.
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2010-04-03 21:30   
They seem to deactivate and reactivate (and get the associated Happiness penalties) as the calendar changes from month to month and they move from one training order to another.

Or at least, that's what I've observed with my own meager fiddlings.
2010-04-03 21:37   
I've also noticed the "deactivate and reactivate" thing that occurs during calendar changes as well, though since I don't have all of my soldiers training at the same time, I just figured it was a shift change.
2010-05-07 00:46   
I have same kind of issue for switching between 'active' alert and station/kill order:
1. Give kill order on foe.
2. Issue alert to guard right the same area where they killed foe
3. Cancel kill order
They will become inactive, rush to barracks, figure out that they should guard that point, become active, rush back to the point.

2010-09-23 13:16   
Yeah, same problem. Still in .13. Lords also lose there Lord status for a while, dunno if that's just for aesthetics or not though.
2021-11-22 12:43   
This is apparently still an issue as of 0.47.05, as noted in the following forum post:
http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=179256.0 [^]
(save: https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15752 [^] )

Notably, when switching a squad's Alert state, they don't seem to start following that order until the beginning of the next calendar day.