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0003495: Boxes/bags do not work correctly as barracks items.
Within a barracks, a box (i.e. coffer) will have the option to be assigned to a particular position in a particular squad. That squaddie will attempt to store meals within the box. However, the food will end up outside of the box, blinking in the same square; this has led to rotting and miasma.

The same action (store food in box) seems to work properly within a bedroom.

Also, as is no doubt known, ownership is not displayed in any useful way.
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This sounds similar to the behavior noted in 0001445's discussion.
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The box is used to store the backpack, not food. The problem is that the food is dropped from the backpack when it is stored.

The bit of code that does this has some checks to avoid this for a number of item types, seemingly including flasks, but not backpacks.

2020-02-25 03:11   
Still present in 47.03, in save inactive militia member Zuglar Ringgravel with a tidy personality has stored claimed cheese in their personal bedroom after carrying it there (not enclosed in save, not fast enough only seeing it after being dropped off immediately after) when their backpack they are already wearing is full of a elk heart & plump helmet already claimed to them.

Save: (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14865 [^] ))
2020-02-25 03:16   
I originally thought it was buggy aquisition, but no dwarves are using boxes of their own voalition without being ordered to by locations across the fortress in 47.03, the tavern's mugs are withdrawn and similarly hauled to a relevant stockpile in a bizarre circular loop, it sounds similar to weaponrack behaviour in 0001445.

Would @ag or anybody else know if arrows are stored similarly whole or inside quivers to go into boxes also? As i have a related issue report for that with 0010832 and in that version of 44.12 dwarves notably across the fortress are gathering items for their own pleasure.