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0003497Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Input/Keybinding/Macrospublic2010-11-02 01:482015-07-28 20:00
Toady One 
0003497: incorrect string entry keybindings
interface.txt (0.31.16 distribution for OSX, likely others) contains the lines:


where it should read:


Resulting behavior is that typing a left brace or vertical bar in a text entry field produces nothing. Typing a question mark brings up help, and inserts a vertical bar. Disregarding the rather confusing (I would say erroneous) behavior that a single keystroke is interpreted to invoke two separate actions, it should insert a question mark, but the STRING_A124 binding apparently overrides the STRING_A063 binding. After the suggested changes, left brace and vertical bar keys insert the appropriate characters into the text field, while question mark brings up help and inserts a question mark.
Use the affected characters { | ? in a text field, such as setting a custom nickname on the embark screen.
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related to 0006558resolved Toady One "Broken Unicode" warnings for some keybindings 
related to 0009031resolved Toady One STRING_A123 and STRING_A125 are bound to the same key 
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2014-07-08 06:49   
As of 0.40.01 release, upper 128 characters have been rebound. Many have, like 124, been bound to the question mark key. Typing a question mark in a text entry still brings up help, but inserts character 159 (small script f) instead of a vertical bar. None of these should be bound to question mark.
2015-07-28 19:54   
(edited on: 2015-07-28 19:59)
The original issue here was fixed in 0.40.01 (assuming I understood your comment above), and the second was fixed in 0006558.
I opened a separate issue for the incorrect STRING_A123 keybinding.