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0003594Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2010-11-13 14:492014-01-26 10:13
0003594: Adventure mode zombie kills for quests are not recognized
If you kill a zombie creature in Adventure Mode, they turn to dust. However, that is not registered as a death by the quest engine. Getting a quest to kill a zombie dragon, I defeated it and it turned to dust. However, the quest was unfulfilled and I was unable to report it or otherwise complete it, as the zombie dragon was dead already after all.
Get a quest to kill a zombie monster (Like a dragon), kill it. It turns to dust but the quest is not completed, it still tells you to kill that creature.
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duplicate of 0002357closed Toady One No kill credit for undead "collapsed" kills 
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2010-11-13 15:43   
I encountered this with a zombie Cougar - destroyed it, it vanished, but the quest was still there in my log.
Knight Otu   
2010-11-16 03:06   
Yeah, as per 0002357, undead kills aren't properly recognized unless you lethally strike the undead, so I guess this is a child issue from that.